About us - Bliss Games
Bliss Games Bliss born to offer people what they need: games with conscience. An important number of people are tired of violence. They want to have fun and feel good about it. Something they want to share with their children and friends. Growing up in a funny and safe environment.
Bliss the moment, Emotional intelligence, Disrupt the entertainment industry, Quality and focus, Generation cohesion
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About us


We are experienced profesionals of the game industry, with deep knowledge and visionary skills for big opportunities.

Awesome Team


Work in what you love not only things you are good

Solve a World Bug 1996

México SWAT Team 1998

Xbox Launch Xbox life Latam Worldwide Employee Award 2003

Taking the risk is leveling up: Rebooting my career in Barcelona

Game Designer

Attraction generated 2M € in Revenue

Videogame Professor

Imagine when you work in what you love, what you do will be amazing

Game Design Director

  • Setting teams from scratch.
  • Creativity and Economy of all games.
  • All Studio financial and Business decisions by committee.
  • As a team:
    • Millionaire City ≈ $20 M in Revenue.
    • Galaxy life ≈ $15M in Revenue.
Creative Director

One of the top 10 videogame companies of the world.

  • Selecting the next blockbusters games.
  • FUN factor and Business Oriented.

There is something more that archiving your child dreams: sharing your gifts and values using them for a higher cause.
Reject the dream:  Game Director of Assassin’s Creed mobile to be an Entrepreneur.


General Manager Ogilvy Barcelona

Ex Managing Director at Xbox Europe

Regional Manager at Texas Instruments

Our advisors and partners

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