Alien Ships Lander - Bliss Games
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Colonize the earth with different alien ships and receive the offering of the grateful humans for your wisdom and technological advancements.

Greetings, Earthlings! We come from very distant worlds to bring you our wisdom and to help your civilization prosper, for you are not very focused in general!


We’ll teach you how to build decent buildings and will gift you technologies so you can start progressing, but in return we expect to have temples and statues build in our honor. Don’t think that you will get all of this for free!


We’ll have to drive above you, so don’t panic, please give us somewhere to land and give us your offerings, and we’ll give you our wisdom. Obviously we’ll need you guys to worship us, because that’s the way things go. Just roll with it.


We’re a bit short on fuel, so we’ll have to be careful how we spend it. Landings can be a bit rough; we hope that no one is on the platform when we arrive.

Enjoy Alien Ships Lander and thanks for playing